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Understand how your buildings are used. With integrity.

Understand how buildings, floors, rooms and areas are used before your next decision meeting

Get a clear understanding

Flowity Office gives you concrete numbers and data on how your premises are actually used over time. This gives property owners and facility managers a strong foundation for upcoming decisions. Make areas more productive and efficient.

Flowity Office gives you a better understanding of:

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How an increasingly hybrid workforce divides its time

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Which different parts of the room are used

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How meeting rooms and meeting places are used

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The basis for decisions on how a room should be structured

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The basis for decision-making for energy efficiency

Planning by Facts

Mapping the utilisation

With the help of sensors and AI, movement patterns through the room can be mapped by utilisation to gain knowledge about how and when they are used - not just how many people are in a room at a certain time.

Decision support

Reliable and simple analysis

Take a look at the statistics through Flowity Office's user-fiendly dashboard, or connect the data to your own system via API or CSV files for your own analysis or expansion.

Improved Satisfaction

Increase productivity

Well designed areas for different demands improve productivity and create comfort for building occupants. Practical and comfortable working environment improves employee satisfaction and prevents working injuries.

Room for better planning


Together with the client we define the purpose of installation​ and the most suitable locations for installations.


The sensors are installed and connected to a dedicated on-premise processor. This makes sure integrity is maintained.


Detection and data gathering is initiated and the dashboard is made available​​. Statistics and usage patterns are made available to the customer through API, data file​ or a dashboard.


The client recieves the results in a decided format: Presentation ready or data prepared to be integrated in an existing reporting system.

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