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Take action on insights with AI based computer vision.

We create insights from ai analytics of video, enabling our customers to improve resource utilisation and sustainability. Our solutions have helped clients to increase efficiency and precision at scale in order to transform the way they manage their assets and resources.

Solution areas

How it works

Flowity streams data from optical sensors to a GPU node, either a small edge node or a larger on prem cluster, ensuring that no sensitive data ever leaves the premises of our customers. The GPU node process the streamed data in real time, making sure no data is ever stored on any solid media, and transmits IoT packet data derived from our algorithms to the cloud. Once the data is in the cloud we process the data for analysis or trigger events over our APIs depending on the use case belonging to the sensor or zone in our system.


Flowity Office

Flowity office

Understand how buildings, floors, rooms and areas are used, with integrity and security, before your next decision meeting or investment.
Road Image

Flowity road AI

Detect pavement maintenance needs with AI and understand the quality status of a road section before your next planning decision.