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Save lives and reduce accidents

Identify risk situations and enforce compliance with your safety protocols. Make sure you have a clear view on incidents and near incidents, where and when they happen.

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Computer vision plays a significant role in enhancing safety across various industries and applications
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Mitigating risk of employee accidents
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Secure that all personnel is using security vest when entering the premises
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Identify accidents and deviations
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Identify high risk areas and situation
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Trigger alerts or stops on hazardous behaviour.
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Visualise all incidents and near incidents for stakeholders through out the organisation

Fire Detection

Computervision can recognize signs of fire, smoke,or overheating equipment in real-time. This early detection can trigger alarms and automatic fire suppression systems, minimizing damage and preventing potential disasters.

real time information

Occupational Safety

In industrial settings, computer vision can track the movement of employees and machinery. It can identify potential safety hazards, such as workers entering dangerous zones or operating equipment without proper safety gear. Alerts can be generated to prevent accidents and automatically trigger creation of incident reports.


Hazardous Material Handling

Computer vision can monitor the handling of hazardous materials in industrial environments. It can ensure that proper procedures are followed and alert personnel to potential dangers.

With you - all the way


Together with the client we define the purpose of installation​ and the most suitable locations for installations.


We take care of data transfer, analysis and system implementation. Together with the client we define project scope such as timeline, granularity and geographical area.


The Flowity platform analyses the gathered traffic data and classifies all relevant types of road defects, area calculation and more.


The client recieves the results in a decided format: Presentation ready or data prepared to be integrated in an existing presentation system.

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