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Real time traffic monitoring and insights

Understand the flow of all traffic and get insights about the behaviour of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

Get a clear understanding

Flowity solutions give you concrete numbers and data on how your roads, bicycle lanes and sidewalks are actually used overtime. This give city developers and traffic planners solid facts for upcoming decisions inorder to create an efficient traffic network.
Flowity Traffic give you a better understanding of:
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How to dimension the trafficsystem to needs of the users
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Mitigate the risks of traffic congestions
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Identify dangerous traffic areas
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Utilization of parking areas
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Detect deviating traffic behavior
urban development

Smart cities

From the urban development perspective transportation and flows of people play a central role in this process. Can you measure the attraction of your city centre? With Flowity you will be able the measure the effect of your changing city landscape.

real time information

Usage of parking spaces

With Flowity you will be able to analyse the utilisation of parking spaces. Flowity can automatically deliver real time status about the parking situation, but also access to historic figures and trends for analysis.



Creating a more fossil free transportation system will be impact our travelling habits, changing the way we commute, how we deliver goods, how we shop or other travel patterns. Flowity Traffic can help you navigate through this change of transportation giving you insights about travel patterns, flows of people and traffic.  

With you - all the way

Getting started

With our extensive knowledge of traffic analysis as well as the capabilities of our solutions, we suggest the best solution to achieve your goals, such as suitable data gathering technique.


We take care of data transfer, analysis and system implementation. Together with the client we define project scope such as timeline, granularity and geographical area.


The Flowity platform analyses the gathered traffic data and classifies all relevant types of road defects, area calculation and more.


The client recieves the results in a decided format: Presentation ready or data prepared to be integrated in an existing presentation system.

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